Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blog Carnival Itinerary...

Click on a banner to check out the carnival! The BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo! & Kilroy Goes Gonzo Carnivals have already taken place, while A GONZO poetry SLAM!, A GONZO PHOTOGRAPHY CARNIVAL, and ALL THINGS EQUINE are slated for the near future!! These links will take you to single posts filled with an abundance of great posts on specific themes, and ultimately give you a chance to expand your blog traffic!!! Even if you don't enter a post, stop by for the fun!!!!

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Introducing Peppy the Little Sheppy...

It was in the "Browsey the Little Mousey" post, that we noticed that the acronym for PJ's Little Animal Paper Dolls was PJ's LAPD's! Because of this we stepped up the creation of "Peppy the Little Sheppy". Peppy is an old timey cop and he is always on the look out for Browsey. Each time the train rolls through town, Peppy stands watch to make sure Browsey doesn't hop on the train. Browsey's mouth harp makes a distinct sound that Peppy's ears are trained for! (No pun intended)

Neddy the Little Teddy, who is the train engineer is good friends with Peppy and appreciates any help he can get to keep Browsey off his train. Gunny is the county sheriff and keeps an eye out along the track as the train travels through the countryside. Smitty the Little Kitty is the town blacksmith and Tuppy the Little Puppy is the town's pro-golfer.

"Peppy, the Little Sheppy" and all PJ's LAPD's are 2007 copyrighted material owned by Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher.