Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Paper Dolls on the Drawing Board...

Rachel: There's a new paper doll on the drawing board in PJ's Paper Doll Factory! Her name is "Janey". She is seven years old and her clothes will be replicas of the clothes her namesake wore as a child. Some of the accessories will be added to match the outfits, however, like with the purse with this outfit, the purse is fashioned after one that was crocheted by Janey's grandmother.

Another paperdoll that is just about ready for purchase is PJ's Little Girl Paper Doll". She has 21 outfits including this Blue & White pinstriped dress with white accessories.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank you for sharing your paper doll memories...

Rachel: "My brother, Rueben, and I would like to thank the ladies that shared their paper doll memories for the December 1st Issue of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter. These ladies will receive a hard copy of the eNewsletter. We would like to share those paper doll memories with you:

"Your paper dolls always bring back such memories for me, particularly of Betsy McCall. I always looked forward to cutting her outfits out of the magazine." Rosemary, also know as, Dirty Butter maintains not only a Top 100 Site called BLOG VILLAGE, but keeps up with 3 blogs: Plush Memories, Day by Day with Parkinson's Disease and Peripheral Neuropathy, and my favorite...Yesterday's Memories. Comment on PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs blog.

"I can't even remember the last time I played with paper dolls but I do remember that when I did, I would do so for hours! I would even design my own outfits and use grocery bags, back when we could get paper, and white lunch sacks to cut out the patterns and color on the designs. Sometimes I wish I was still a little girl or at least had one for a child, but I would not trade my son for the world. I guess I will just have to continue to play with paper dolls in my memories." Treva Clark Lewisville, Texas Guestbook comment on PJ's website

"My paper doll memories go back to the fifties and sixties. I haven't thought about paper dolls for years but floods of happy times are coming back to me. If I have time I would like to recollect them for you. Good blog." Jan - The Poodle (and dog) Blog Comment on PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs blog.

"Thank you for your kind words on my blog. When I was a little girl I loved paper dolls and often made my own, or made clothes for the punch-out ones I had!" JillBeth - The Broken Cup: Christian Poetry blog Comment on PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs blog.

"My sister Jean was born in 1934 and I was born in 1937. We spent many hours playing with paper dolls. We dressed them up and had them going to parties, etc, but we also made more clothes for them. I don't say they were designer clothes, they were done on the Big Chief 5 cent tablet paper and colored with color crayons. We were not artistic, but we could draw around the paper doll and make the tabs to hold the clothes on, then it generally turned out they had big full skirts, because we could draw them easier than any thing else. I don't remember the names of any of the paper dolls we had, although it seems they might have been named after Movie Stars. When we got paper dolls, they came in a booklet form with light cardboard for the doll, with the picture printed on the cardboard cover of the booklet, and the clothes on the paper pages inside. We tried to take good care of them, because if we didn't, we wouldn't have any. It wasn't something you could throw away and get new ones, you had to wait sometimes a long time to get new ones. Sometimes the tabs that held the clothes would tear off and we would try to tape them on so they would still work. My kids didn't seem to have an interest in paper dolls, and I don't know if my grandkids did. My sister and I spent hours with ours." Karon...keeps us updated with "Karon's Horse Tales". Sign up for the next email by writing using "Karon's Horse Tales" as the subject! There is a link in the sidebar.

Thank you ladies for taking some of your precious time to share your paperdoll memories with us! Leave your paper doll memories as a comment to this post or contact Janey Loree via email.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Twas a Couple of Weeks before Christmas" Poem by Janey Loree

"Twas a Couple of Weeks before Christmas"
‘Twas a couple of weeks before Christmas, when all through the mall,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a paper doll;
Their outfits were drawn by the artist with care,
In hopes that little children soon would be there;
The children were gathered around the computer upstairs,
As visions of paper dolls danced in pairs.
So Momma with her paint brush, and I with my scanner,
Arranged our paper dolls in much the same manner.
When out on the web there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my desktop to see what was the matter!
Away through Windows, I flew to our paper doll site,
To check out byte by byte.
The snowflakes were falling like new-fallen snow,
As I clicked on the paper doll link on the top row;
When what to my wondering eyes should I see,
But a page full of paper dolls waiting for me.
With a little teddy named Neddy, and International Friends,
More paper animals, Family Friends, Universal kids and twins;
More and more of these paper dolls they came,
As the children personalized and called them by name!
“Now, Rueben! Now, Rachel! Now Janae and Melly!
On, Amber! On, Chrissy! On, Juanita and AnnaBelle(y)!
Now, Gracie! Now, Su-Lang! Now, Natasha and PJ’s Paper Baby Doll,
Now, cut away, cut away, cut away all!”
Now, Fawn! Now, Donnie! Now Andy and Gunny!
On, Tuppy! On, Smitty! On, Neddy and Penny!
Now away to their beds the children they flew,
Leaving the site open, so their parents could see, too.
And then in a twinkling, the parents could see,
How much fun cutting out paper dolls really could be.
As they placed an order and were turning around,
Their order was ready and came with a bound.
The order included a matching paper doll coloring book,
Stickers, cards, stationery and a mark for their favorite book.
A bundle of items were ready to cut and add to the fun,
As hours of excitement and enjoyment had just begun.
Their eyes how they twinkled! Their dimples how cute!
They had dresses and coats, and hats and boots.
There were purses and umbrellas, jewelry and flowers,
Enough to have fun for hours and hours!
They talked all at once, as they started their playing,
Remembering the suggestions for cutting and displaying:
“Start anywhere you you cut to the right,
Staying right of the outer black line.
Poke holes under the arms, and along the dotted lines,
Trimming them up to look just fine!”
And I laughed when I saw them, in spite of myself,
There were paper dolls all dressed and lined up on the shelf!
Then I heard the children exclaim, as they cut with all their might:
“Happy cutting to all, and to all a good night!”
I wrote this poem, adapting it from Clement C. Moore’s “A Visit From St. Nicholas”, more popularly know as “’Twas The Night Before Christmas”. It was published in PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewlsetter in December of 2005.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Rachel's Favorite Outfit Tally #2 looks like Jan, Dirty Butter, and Phyllis like the Snow Outfit! I still like the Red Ball Gown. So, we have 3 votes for the Snow Outfit and 1 vote for the Red Ball Gown. Be sure to let us know which outfit is your favorite!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rachel's Favorite Outfit Survey - Post 2

Since we have only 4 whole days left until the December 1st issue of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter, we need to decide which outfit that Rachel will wear! Will it be the "Red Dress" with white ribbons and ruffles or her "Snow Outfit" of red wool and white fur with grey wool pants? Remember that Rueben needs your help too!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

PJ's Seven Stop Christmas Tour!!!

It's that time of year for PJ's Seven Stop Christmas Tour! Go to to start a tour of seven products that are available in a "Special" gift bag. This tour is interactive and lots of fun! Write a book report on the children's book, cut out 14 outfits for both Rueben and myself, color those same outfits your way and cut them out for extra clothes for both of us, use the stationery for your "Twiglet" book report, write a letter, or write to us. Send someone special the holiday greeting card, cut out matching stickers and gather it all into a handy gift bag. Attach the matching gift card with the enclosed curly ribbon and give this special gift this Christmas! Besides, my twin brother, Rueben will post your book report and letter over on "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree's blog. I will post your coloring book masterpiece and your past paper doll memories or the ones you create this Christmas here on my blog! Catch the train as Rueben and I guide you through this interactive tour...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Vote for Rueben's Favorite Paper Doll Outfit...

Rachel: I have an announcement to twin brother, Rueben, is trying to decide what he will wear in the December 1st issue of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter, too! He is over at "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree's blog and needs your help. Jan and Rosemary like my red 'n' white Ball Dress best, which outfit do you like?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rachel's Favorite Outfit Tally...

Follow this post to keep up on Rachel's Favorite Outfit Survey! Rachel is trying to decide which outfit to wear in the December 1st Issue of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter. Click on the title of this post to choose your favorite outfit between her Western Outfit and her Ball Dress...right now it looks like Rachel will be wearing her Ball Dress!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rachel found our blog listed on Google Search Engine...

Today Rachel* was looking for other Paper Doll Artists that blog. She opened her Internet Explorer browser and typed Paperdoll+Artists+who+Blog in the [My Web Search] box and received a very pleasant surprise indeed!!! PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs was listed 1st and 2nd under a couple of sponsored links:

"Web Results 1-10 of 5,720. Powered By Google."

And our blog was listed 6th and 7th when she typed in Paperdoll+Blogs!

"Web Results 1-10 of 35,300. Powered By Google."

However, Rachel was brought back to earth when she typed in [Paperdolls].

"Web Results 1-10 of 16,000. Powered By Google."

Even though she searched all the way to page 14, no mention of PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs or could be found. So the daily search engine optimization to bring PJ's Corner to the top of the search engine listings continues...

*Remember to vote for your favorite paper doll outfit for Rachel! See "Rachel's Favorite Outfit Survey - Post 1" to cast your vote!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rachel's Favorite Outfit Survey - Post 1...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, toys in every store..." is a favorite Christmas Carol. With Christmas almost here and the excitement of gift giving in the air, Rachel is trying to decide what outfit to wear in our December 1st issue of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewlsetter. Help her decide by picking your favorite one in each of the "Rachel's Favorite Outfit Survey" posts. Rachel has 20 outfits to choose from and would like to know what outfit is your favorite. Rachel is modeling her Western Outfit and her Ball Dress in this first post. *Remember these seven things as you choose your favorite outfit:


  1. Choose your favorite outfit from each of the "Favorite Outfit" posts.
  2. Click on the comment link to let us know.
  3. The winning outfit will be posted in the next "Favorite Outfit" post along with a new outfit.
  4. If there is a tie, we will hang both outfits back into Rachel's closet to decide later.
  5. By process of elimination we will find out which outfit Rachel will wear in the eNewsletter.
  6. Follow this link to sign up for your December 1st Issue of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter.
  7. Tell everyone about Rachel's Favorite Outfit Survey here on PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Rachel Presents: Our blog is featured in a BLOG VILLAGE article!

PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs is one of the featured blogs in today's post at BLOG VILLAGE's community blog, VILLAGE NEWS. BLOG VILLAGE's creator and monitor, Rosemary of Dirty Butter Estates, has started featuring the BLOG VILLAGERS as a fun way for the villagers to get to know one another. The first featured blogger is Sheila over at Alabama Kitchen Sink. Her blog is "MUSINGS ON LIFE, ART AND STARTING A BUSINESS IN THE HEART OF DIXIE." PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs and "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree, both written by the second featured blogger, Janey Loree. Take the time to visit BLOG VILLAGE and browse through the 206 blogs available for your reading pleasure.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Share your paper doll memories...

We are looking for more paper doll memories! In an attempt to educate the little girls of today on the joys of having a paper doll, we are gathering your memories to post in our eNewsletter and this blog after publication of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter on December 1, 2006. As a thank you for taking the time to share your paper doll memories*, my mother and I, owners of PJ's Corner, will mail you a hard copy of the PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter that your memories appear in. The dead line for the December 1st issue is November 25, 2006.

*If you feel so inclined, descibe your memory in detail so that we can create a clipart to go along with your memories. For example: hair coloring and style, clothing, etc.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

PJ's Personalized Universal Paper Dolls are available for your Christmas Shopping...

Personalize your own "PJ's Universal Paper Doll"*

As easy as 1-2-3!!! Pick your doll, choose her outfits, and name her!!!
*(We will be adding more dolls and outfits!!!)

PJ's Personalized Universal Paper Dolls - 8.5" x 11"

PJ's Personalized Universal Paper Dolls - 8.5" x 11"

SKU: 02501

This 8.5" x 11" booklet holds your personalized doll and ten outfits* of your choosing. *Make sure that you complete the form on the PJ's Universal Paper Doll page.

PRICE: $5.00

E-mail a friend about this item.

Send Page To a Friend

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*PJ's Universal Paper Doll(s) are available at

Follow the link to fill out the form to let us know what doll, outfits,

and name you want and then add this product to your shopping cart!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

PJ's Universal Paper Dolls Update

In spite of continued problems with our satellite system, we are working behind the scene on our PJ's Universal Paper Dolls! The old modem works off and on, so during the on times we are adding dolls and clothes. A new modem is on its way and will arrive during the next week. In the mean time we will strive to bring you more outfits and a shopping cart so that you can personalize your own PJ's Universal Paper Doll!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PJ's Universal Paper Dolls...

Over in PJ's Corner, it will soon be possible to personalize your own PJ's Universal Paper Doll! When we are finished with the remodeling, you will be able to pick your doll, choose 10 outfits, and name her. There will be about 20 dolls and 100 outfits when we are finished setting them up on the site. Once you make your choices we will take them and create a unique PJ's Universal Paper Doll Book just for you! You will not find a duplicate to your paper doll unless you order two...What will you name your doll and what outfits will make up her wardrobe? Remember to bookmark this paper doll page so that you can order your PJ's Universal Paper Doll Book in time for Christmas!

Monday, September 18, 2006

PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs Blog invited to join Blog Village...

PJ's Corner is part of a new blog community! On September 8, 2006, our blog "PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs" was added to the 183 other blogs in "Blog Village". When we went to "Blog Village" the next morning our blog was No. 177 out of 184 and 10 days later we are at No. 27 out of 188. Thanks voters!!!

Blog Village was established May 23, 2006.
With a featured "Site of the Moment", a "Community Blog", and the votes set back to zero every month, new blogs are guaranteed a fair chance at reaching the top! Blog Village has grown to 188 blogs since May 23, 2006. "No matter what you're interested in, you're likely to find bloggers among our community who are interested in the same things, and post on it regularly." Rosemary ~ The manager of the top list at

Take a moment to vote for "PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs" and check out other blogs over at "Blog Village"!!! Who knows, you may find old friends or make new ones...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

PJ's Corner joins United Artists Market...

PJ's Corner has joined United Artists Market, a website set up to feature handcrafted, handmade products and gifts. This is a new market exhibiting fine artisans such as Teridolls, Along the Way Photography, Betty Lou Byrnes, Kaniki's Inspirations, Ken Marsden, The Blind Stitch-Embroidery, S. Nicholas Originals, and PJ's Corner! You will find information about these artisans in selective categories such as: Apparel, Artists Gift Shoppes, Country Rustic, Embroidery, Graphic Artists, Holiday & Seasonal, Paintings, Paper Crafts, Photography, Prints, Sculptures-One of a Kind, and Sculptures-Limited Editions.

Friday, September 08, 2006

PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNews...Red Carpet!

Phyllis created "Tiara" for the Red Carpet Edition of "Paper Doll Studio". Phyllis kept to the color scheme with a short, knee length, flowing dress, covered by a sheer hooded jacket! She placed a tiara on her head, a red clutch purse in her hand, and gave her long stemmed red roses to complete her outfit.

"Paper Doll Studio" is The Quarterly Publication of the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild
. OPDAG,..., is an organization of paper doll artists and enthusiasts who exchange ideas to promote the art and hobby of paper dolls in the world today." To enjoy other artists' paper dolls go to

"Paper Doll Studio" is a black and white publication and Tiara is on display on page 13. We included her in our eNewsletter in color! We will be adding her to our site in the next couple of weeks.
Article published in the September 2006 - Issue 11 of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter UPDATED!!!

PJ's Corner has gone through major website renovations!!! Especially the pages that feature our paper dolls! From the main paper doll page you will find links to the different paper dolls that are available in PJ's Corner. The main page will be a home page of sorts for our paper dolls...featuring upcoming paper dolls, news, links to individual pages, etc.

One paper doll page that we are still working on is the "PJ's Universal Paper Dolls" page. We are looking forward to being able to create a personalized paper doll book for you! All we need you to do is pick your doll, select 10 outfits (there will be over 100 outfits when we finish posting) and name your doll. We will take it from there! After building your personalized paper doll book we will package her in a zip lock bag that will double as her closet. What a wonderful Christmas present this will be come Christmas morning! Remember that we will have matching products available as well...such as bookmarks, stationery, 07-08 pocket calendars, and collectors cards, that we will bundle up in a matching gift bag!

We are gearing up for Christmas and look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Paper Dolls are an International Language...

Just the other day I had the opportunity to help a mother and her little girl. When I pulled into the parking lot, they were having car problems. Their car would not start. When I asked if they needed help, the mother told me that it would be awhile before her family could arrive and she had an appointment at the clinic. Also, the transit bus would not be going straight to the clinic.

I offered to take them and as we got into my car, the little girl started crying. As I moved a box of paper doll booklets to the back seat, I handed one of the paper doll booklets to the mother. The little girl stopped crying as her mother proceeded to tell her that she would be able to color the little paper boy and girl and their clothes and then cut them out with scissors.

For the rest of the trip, the little girl sat beside her mother quietly asking questions about the paper dolls. In between questions, the mother told me that she was going to the doctor to have her heart checked after spending several days in the hospital.

When we reached the clinic, the little girl bounced out of the car with her paper doll booklet tucked under her arm. The smile on their faces made the out of the way mileage melt away.
Published in "PJ's Paper Doll Newsletter ~ March 2006" issue.

Paper Doll Memories from PJ's Paper Doll Factory...

I love to do word studies and the word that caught my attention this time was "factory". According to the Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary that sits on my desk, a factory is "An establishment for the manufacture or assembly of goods." Manufacture signifies "to produce (poetry, art, etc.) mechanically." Literally, [manus hand + factura a making].

For the past three years, my mother and I have been doing just that..."hand-making" our paper dolls from scratch. From the drawing board to the website, we have filed away many happy memories while creating our paper dolls.

One of those memories is the look on my mother's face when she saw her art on the screen of my laptop computer for the very first time. With a sparkle in her eye, she sat back down on the other side of the table, to discuss what clothes and "art sparks" were needed to complete our very first paper doll book!

Another memory plays out every time we work on a new paper doll. It is of my 70 year old mom enjoying her paper dolls. She has a pair of tension relieving scissors from "Fiskars" that takes the tediousness out of cutting. As she cuts, we will discuss current events or our next product idea. We have clocked thousands of hours, spanning the age old "communication gap". Published in "PJ's Paper Doll Newsletter ~ February 2006" issue.

Rachel Presents: Ayanna's Paper Doll Memories...

When four-year-old Ayanna discovered the paperdoll book her great-grandmother had put in her Christmas stocking, she could hardly contain the excitement that grew inside her. Cheryl was busy with a gift that was laid in her lap until she heard a commotion and the prettiest little squeal coming from her fair, blonde haired, little great-granddaughter.

Little Ayanna was jumping up and down trying to get into her mother's lap. Misty and little Ayanna sat together looking through the paperdoll clothes and "art sparks" that came with the doll, as Misty explained the gift to her excited little daughter. This paperdoll book from PJ's Corner opened up the exciting world of paperdolls to Little Ayanna! Published in "PJ's Paper Doll Newsletter ~ January 2006" issue.