Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Couple of PJ's Paper Dolls with English Influence...

NOTICE: This post has been entered in the "England Goes GONZO" Blog Carnival being held on October 1st. For carnival details contact Naomi over at Diary From England!

PJ's very own International Correspondent from England is hosting this blog carnival. The theme for the carnival is therefore "posts that are related to England". What better way to go to the carnival than with PJ's International Friends Paper Doll "Queenie" and PJ's Little Animal Paper Doll "Peppy"!

These paper dolls that were created in PJ's Corner Workshoppe are the inspiration of Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher. After consulting with Naomi on some of the English ways of life, terms and sayings, Queenie and Peppy took on a whole new perspective. They were no longer colors on paper to cut out. Now we knew first hand that Peppy's night stick was actually called a "truncheon" and that the "Red Admiral" butterfly is as popular in England as the "Monarch" butterfly is here in the States!

Naomi has from time to time written a few posts about how new technology is hampering the kids of today, in the sense that they are not experiencing toys that encourage more interaction than playing with a mouse! Check out SCALEXTRIC CELEBRATES 50TH BIRTHDAY and BRITONS LONG TO RETURN TO 1950's.

PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe is in the business to re-educate kids on the benefits of playing with paper dolls, coloring in books, reading a non virtual book, writing to someone on real stationery, or sending a postcard (as well as an email) from your favorite vacation spot! There is a place for computers in our day and age, however, we need to remember that there is a place for race car tracks, paper dolls and children's books in our kids lives as well.

How to make Earl Grey cookies!
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Monday, September 03, 2007

New Design on PJ's International Friends Paper Doll Covers...

PJ's International Friends Paper Doll SetPJ's International Friends Paper Dolls Book covers have been redesigned. Mainly just changing the title font and make the doll bigger on the cover. There are seven (7) paper dolls in this set, they are listed here along with the instrument they play. I have included links so you can hear what that instrument sounds like, see it being played and read the history behind each instrument:

  1. Natasha from RUSSIA ~ Balalaika, YouTube, Wikipedia
  2. Amber from AFRICA ~ Banjo, YouTube, Wikipedia
  3. Juanita from MEXICO ~ Accordion, YouTube, Wikipedia
  4. Su-Lang from JAPAN ~ Koto, YouTube, Wikipedia
  5. Fawn from NATIVE AMERICA ~ Triple Flute, YouTube, Flute History
  6. Tiffany from THE UNITED STATES ~ Grand Piano, YouTube, Wikipedia
  7. Queenie from ENGLAND ~ The Grand Piano Podcast*, YouTube
On the drawing board are paper dolls from COSTA RICA, BRAZIL, POLAND, EGYPT, IRELAND, SCOTLAND & ITALY!

If you live in any of these countries or have knowledge of them and would like to be PJ's Foreign Correspondent, email Janey Loree at

*Waiting for permission to link to this wonderful mixture of history and musical examples of the Grand Piano.

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