Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PJ's Universal Paper Dolls...

Over in PJ's Corner, it will soon be possible to personalize your own PJ's Universal Paper Doll! When we are finished with the remodeling, you will be able to pick your doll, choose 10 outfits, and name her. There will be about 20 dolls and 100 outfits when we are finished setting them up on the site. Once you make your choices we will take them and create a unique PJ's Universal Paper Doll Book just for you! You will not find a duplicate to your paper doll unless you order two...What will you name your doll and what outfits will make up her wardrobe? Remember to bookmark this paper doll page so that you can order your PJ's Universal Paper Doll Book in time for Christmas!

Monday, September 18, 2006

PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs Blog invited to join Blog Village...

PJ's Corner is part of a new blog community! On September 8, 2006, our blog "PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs" was added to the 183 other blogs in "Blog Village". When we went to "Blog Village" the next morning our blog was No. 177 out of 184 and 10 days later we are at No. 27 out of 188. Thanks voters!!!

Blog Village was established May 23, 2006.
With a featured "Site of the Moment", a "Community Blog", and the votes set back to zero every month, new blogs are guaranteed a fair chance at reaching the top! Blog Village has grown to 188 blogs since May 23, 2006. "No matter what you're interested in, you're likely to find bloggers among our community who are interested in the same things, and post on it regularly." Rosemary ~ The manager of the top list at http://blogvillage.gotop100.com

Take a moment to vote for "PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs" and check out other blogs over at "Blog Village"!!! Who knows, you may find old friends or make new ones...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

PJ's Corner joins United Artists Market...

PJ's Corner has joined United Artists Market, a website set up to feature handcrafted, handmade products and gifts. This is a new market exhibiting fine artisans such as Teridolls, Along the Way Photography, Betty Lou Byrnes, Kaniki's Inspirations, Ken Marsden, The Blind Stitch-Embroidery, S. Nicholas Originals, and PJ's Corner! You will find information about these artisans in selective categories such as: Apparel, Artists Gift Shoppes, Country Rustic, Embroidery, Graphic Artists, Holiday & Seasonal, Paintings, Paper Crafts, Photography, Prints, Sculptures-One of a Kind, and Sculptures-Limited Editions.

Friday, September 08, 2006

PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNews...Red Carpet!

Phyllis created "Tiara" for the Red Carpet Edition of "Paper Doll Studio". Phyllis kept to the color scheme with a short, knee length, flowing dress, covered by a sheer hooded jacket! She placed a tiara on her head, a red clutch purse in her hand, and gave her long stemmed red roses to complete her outfit.

"Paper Doll Studio" is The Quarterly Publication of the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild
. OPDAG,..., is an organization of paper doll artists and enthusiasts who exchange ideas to promote the art and hobby of paper dolls in the world today." To enjoy other artists' paper dolls go to www.opdag.com.

"Paper Doll Studio" is a black and white publication and Tiara is on display on page 13. We included her in our eNewsletter in color! We will be adding her to our site in the next couple of weeks.
Article published in the September 2006 - Issue 11 of PJ's Paper Doll Memories eNewsletter

www.pjscorner.net UPDATED!!!

PJ's Corner has gone through major website renovations!!! Especially the pages that feature our paper dolls! From the main paper doll page you will find links to the different paper dolls that are available in PJ's Corner. The main page will be a home page of sorts for our paper dolls...featuring upcoming paper dolls, news, links to individual pages, etc.

One paper doll page that we are still working on is the "PJ's Universal Paper Dolls" page. We are looking forward to being able to create a personalized paper doll book for you! All we need you to do is pick your doll, select 10 outfits (there will be over 100 outfits when we finish posting) and name your doll. We will take it from there! After building your personalized paper doll book we will package her in a zip lock bag that will double as her closet. What a wonderful Christmas present this will be come Christmas morning! Remember that we will have matching products available as well...such as bookmarks, stationery, 07-08 pocket calendars, and collectors cards, that we will bundle up in a matching gift bag!

We are gearing up for Christmas and look forward to hearing from you!