Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Are Finally Back To Blogging!!!

We have had a long hiatus from blogging...since J (in PJ's) moved to Texas! PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs is the progress report or newsletter for the paper dolls created in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe. As you may know, Phyllis is the artist/mother of the team and Janey is the designer/daughter.

There is still a lot left to complete the transition. Now Phyllis still lives in California and Janey lives in Texas. During this move an exciting thing happened. "PJ's Sally Ann" was published in the Contemporary Doll Collector's Magazine. The March 2008 Issue features "PJ's Sally Ann" with two of her outfits! As with all the paper dolls in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe, Sally Ann will have pajamas, a wedding dress, and many more outfits when we are through.

Here is a sneak peak at PJ's Sally Ann...

We look forward to blogging again and visiting some of our favorite blogs!