Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rachel Presents: Ayanna's Paper Doll Memories...

When four-year-old Ayanna discovered the paperdoll book her great-grandmother had put in her Christmas stocking, she could hardly contain the excitement that grew inside her. Cheryl was busy with a gift that was laid in her lap until she heard a commotion and the prettiest little squeal coming from her fair, blonde haired, little great-granddaughter.

Little Ayanna was jumping up and down trying to get into her mother's lap. Misty and little Ayanna sat together looking through the paperdoll clothes and "art sparks" that came with the doll, as Misty explained the gift to her excited little daughter. This paperdoll book from PJ's Corner opened up the exciting world of paperdolls to Little Ayanna! Published in "PJ's Paper Doll Newsletter ~ January 2006" issue.

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