Saturday, November 05, 2005

Janey's Paper Doll Memories...

When I think back to my first paper dolls, it was the late sixties. "Velvet" was my first paper dolls' name. That was the name I gave the paper doll my mother created. I never had a store bought paper doll; who needed store bought paper dolls when you had your own made for you! My friend Paula and I loved playing with my homemade paperdolls more than with my store bought "Barbie" dolls.

After my mother drew Velvet for me she told me that she would need to be backed with cardboard to make her stronger. My search led me to my dad's garage where I found the cardboard from the "3M Sanding Block Sand-Paks"...the sand paper was left in a neat little pile on the bench.

I still have my homemade paperdolls. They are old, faded, crinkled, and torn, but they have memories that are precious and unique. If you have a paper doll memory that you would like to share, contact Janey at or send a letter to PJ's Corner, Attn: Janey Loree, PO Box 39, Taft, CA 93268. These memories were posted in PJ's October Paper Doll Newsletter.

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