Saturday, March 24, 2007

Only Drawback to Playing with Paper Dolls...

Rachel: "Paper cuts"!!! "It is debatable which is worse...being cut with regular paper (thin) or with 140lb. paper (thick). Weigh in on this debate and let me know what you think!"

"We are getting ready for Equine Experience and only have 4 days left before we head over to the coast! Would love to see you there if you are in Paso Robles, California next weekend!!!"

"Be careful of those paper cuts!"
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Naomi said...

Paper cuts are always painful no matter how thick the paper Rachel! I get loads of them. They're an occupational hazard of working in an office. Good luck with Equine Experience Janey! I'm sure you'll get lots of visitors.

Janey Loree said...

Thanks Naomi, I leave in the morning (Thursday) to head to the coast! I am trying to round up all the LAPD's and their friends making sure I don't leave anyone out of the fun!!

4 days of talking with people who love horses!!! I will share pictures and the experience when I get back to the shoppe!