Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PJ's International Friends Paper Dolls Recap...

Natasha, Amber, Juanita, Su-Lang & Fawn

The paperdolls in PJ's International Friends Paper Doll set are friends from around the world. Their love of music brings them together in a medley of relationships. Each of the girls have traditional outfits that complement their wardrobes. Accompanying the girls in their travels to your place, are native instruments, butterflies and flowers!

Natasha - An International Friends Paper Doll from RUSSIA strums her Balalaika among the thistles and moorland, wiskotti, and heath butterflies.

Amber - An International Friends Paper Doll from AFRICA plucks the banjo as the d. Chrysippus (shown here) and Hippocoon flutter amidst African violets, African daisies, and arum lilies.

Juanita - An International Friends Paper Doll from MEXICO straps her accordion on to accompany the
monarch butterflies annual flight to her country. We chose pink milkweed as her native flower.

Su-Lang - An International Friends Paper Doll from
JAPAN kneels to play her Okoto. Teino palpus imperialis and Appias Nero butterflies flit among the bamboo shoots that grace the edges of Su-Lang's wardrobe.Fawn - An International Friends Paper Doll from NATIVE AMERICA introduces us to the Triple Flute as buckeye and yellow sulfur butterflies dance betwixt the Indian Blanket flowers and the melodies that float on the air. Her traditional outfit of deerskin is soft and supple showing the craftsmanship that her native people possess.

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Naomi said...

Nice to meet all the new paper dolls. They all look nice in their little outfits with their musical instruments. You and your mum are so talented. The designs are so good.

Dirty Butter said...

Very interesting collection. These would be a great introduction for Home Schoolers and Whole Language teachers for learning about the native cultures in different countries. You might want to consider marketing them toward that niche.

Janey Loree said...

Naomi, these are just the first five in the set. Queenie the International Paper Doll from ENGLAND is the seventh paper doll and will be debuting in a couple of days...THANKS for doing an article on the native items that will accompany her!

You may notice that I have a link to your blog in "PJ's Blog Roll..." and have another link at the top of the right column linking you as PJ's International Correspondent!

Janey Loree said...

Hi DB! Since Travis and Tony were home schooled we have been getting ready to market in that direction. However, we had not thought of the Whole Language teachers. Thanks for the tip!!

Naomi said...

Thanks for the links Janey. International Correspondent - that's an important title! Ha ha! Looking forward to meeting Queenie.

On another note I agree with Rosemary, these dolls would be ideal to use in schools to teach children about other nations of the world and their customs. The detail is so good on them.

Janey Loree said...

You are most welcome Naomi! My "mum" and I really appreciate you taking the time to post an article on the native items that will accompany Queenie and for the article on the English Bobby for Peppy the Little Sheppy!!

Mom has always been detail oriented, but thinks that since her eyesight has been ruined by Diabetes (she uses glasses and a magnifying glass for her artwork) that the detail is more intense!!