Thursday, May 03, 2007

Queenie - An International Friends Paper Doll from ENGLAND

What a day for the debut of Queenie, PJ's International Friends Paper Doll from England! Queen Elizabeth II is in the US! She will be dining with the President and First Lady Bush as well as commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown, VA.

This is the first time in 16 years that the Queen has visited the United States. She will also visit Williamsburg, VA one of the towns were the American Dream was born. She will be attending the Kentucky Derby and visiting with the students and family affected by the Virginia Tech massacre.

I teared up as they played the National Anthem for England, "God Save the Queen" as the Queen descended the stairs
of the British Airways plane and stood at the end of the carpet,wearing an outfit of gray, trimmed with lavender and salmon. As always she wore an English style hat with soft gray feathers nestled against a crown of salmon.

Our paper doll, Queenie is wearing a gown of red and gold. A scepter is in Queenie's right hand and the English Rose is in her left hand. Just like Tiffany from the United States, Queenie is a pianist. Her black Steinway travels with her to all her concerts. Queenie's favorite flower is of course the English Rose and the Red Admiral is her favorite butterfly. There will be many outfits available for Queenie in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe in the near future!

If you have been reading the comments on our other International Friends Paper Dolls, you will know that Naomi who shares English life with us on her blog "Diary From England ", has written "Answers to Some Questions" answering some of the questions we encounter with all of our International Friends Paper Dolls!

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Naomi said...

Finally got a chance to come over and meet Queenie. She is a very elegant and regal paper doll. The artwork is superb as always. These dolls would make really good learning aids to use in schools. I think you would have a really good market there Janey.

Naomi said...

It was really good how The Queen was visiting the U.S. when Queenie made her debut. Her popularity in the States is higher now than it's ever been, particularly due to the release of the movie The Queen. Also it is so many years since the Queen's last visit. It was always the Queen's dream to visit the Kentucky Derby as she loves horses!