Monday, June 18, 2007

Help PJ's Promote Paper Dolls...

PJ's Corner has added this new plaque to the sidebar in an attempt to remind people to tell everyone they know about paper dolls! Not just about PJ's Paper Dolls, (although that would be nice!), but about the paper doll sites that you have found, share your paper doll memories here on PJ's PDCO's and with those around you. PJ's will be looking for paper doll blogs, websites, web rings to link to and anything that has to do with paper dolls. We will be a little picky in that the paper doll info will have to be family oriented. Sometime next year one of PJ's Paper Doll will be published in a "Doll Magazine"! We can't showcase the doll until after it is published.

Paper Dolls make wonderful gifts for anytime of the year. They are perfect for shut-ins and hospital stays. Cutting our paper dolls helps relieve tension! Do you want to get something special just because? A personalized PJ's Universal Paper Doll would fit the bill! No pun intended, of course!!

Let us know how you are "Promoting Paper Dolls!!!"

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