Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Research from Naomi in England...

Well, Naomi is at it again! She found some information to add to the file on our new International Friends Paper Dolls. The next seven paper dolls in the series are from BRAZIL, COSTA RICA, EGYPT, ITALY, IRELAND, POLAND & SCOTLAND. They will join paper dolls from RUSSIA, AFRICA, MEXICO, JAPAN, NATIVE AMERICA, THE UNITED STATES and ENGLAND.

Our records show that four of these dolls were created last year for a lady that was going to do a banquet for some representatives at Gerber. She didn't win her bid, so we didn't get the order, however, we had four International Dolls that we could add to our PJ's International Paper Dolls set! Benita from BRAZIL, Adelita from COSTA RICA, Shani from EGYPT and Hanna from POLAND were dusted off and will make their debut in a couple of days. I have to scan them into the computer, cut out their traditional outfits and upload them to the blog before you can see them.

Our paper doll artist, Phyllis, is creating the accessories, flowers, butterflies and instruments for the above mentioned International Friends Paper Dolls, while getting ready Noemi from ITALY, Erin from IRELAND and Greer from SCOTLAND.

In the meantime, I received an email from Naomi, our International Paper Doll Correspondent from ENGLAND. She had talked with a friend of hers who recently visited Egypt on holiday and did some research on the internet. In her email, Naomi sent information about the flower we will be using for our Egyptian Paper Doll. "The Egyptian Lotus flower is a symbol of the sun, creation and re-birth. Better known as the water lily, at night the flower closes and sinks under water and at dawn it rises and opens again." That's pretty neat!

Even though we had already started the design on Shani, we gleaned some valuable information about some extra details including adding the gold beads in Shani's hair. Naomi sent some facts about Egypt and pictures for reference. We didn't create the first four paper dolls as International Friends, so Naomi's suggestion of using an "Oud" as Shani's traditional instrument was the perfect idea.

We received a link to Egyptian names and a suggestion to name our Egyptian paper doll "Zahra" because it meant "flower". Naomi, if we had not already named her that would have been a beautiful name to call our International Paper Doll from EGYPT!

Thanks Naomi. do you like the paper doll from ITALY's name? Noemi is the Italian form of your name. But then again, you probably already knew that, with ITALY being one of your favorite vacation spots!

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Naomi said...

I didn't realise there was an Italian version of my name. That's lovely Janey. I'm so pleased you and your Mum named your Italian paper doll after me. I will be e-mailing you soon with information for the Scottish paper doll.

Janey Loree said...

I will work on getting the new International Friends Paper Dolls posted! The last month has been quite busy with major satellite problems that did something to my email program, too. I also ended up having to reinstall the drivers to my printers that were online at the time.

Mum and I look forward to your research!!! :)