Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day...

Here is our paper doll "Janey Loree" in her valentine outfit of red to wish you a "Happy Valentine's Day!

I actually had an outfit like this that my mother made for me when I was in 1st grade! Back then my hair was quite a bit longer and I can remember the boys latching on to my braids as if they were horse reins!!

We are in the middle of major renovations to our website and that directly affects our Paper Doll Factory. By the end of the month these changes will be implemented and more of the paper dolls that we have been blogging about here on PJ's PDCO's will be ready to purchase.

There will be 16 paper doll pages. The list of paper dolls available will include:

  1. PJ's Baby Dolls
  2. PJ's See-Through Paper Doll ~ CeCe
  3. PJ's Family Friends PAper Dolls
  4. PJ's International Paper Dolls
  5. PJ's Paper Kids of the World
  6. PJ's Little Animal Paper Dolls (LAPD's)
  7. PJ's Story Book Character Paper Doll ~ Pollyanna
  8. PJ's Gracie 'n' Donnie
  9. PJ's Little Girl Paper Doll
  10. PJ's Red Carpet Paper Doll ~ Tiara
  11. PJ's Triplets ~ Faith, Hope 'n' Charity
  12. PJ's Twins ~ Rueben 'n' Rachel
  13. PJ's Twins of the World
  14. PJ's Universal Dolls ~ (Personalize these paper dolls)
  15. PJ's Universal Girls
The sixteenth page is the main page set up with links to the other paper doll pages, blog information, eNewsletter sign up box, etc.

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Lucy said...

Beautiful dolls....I found so many beautiful dolls at American Girl store at very reasonable price....!

Janey Loree said...

Lucy thank you for stopping by PJ's PDCO!

Naomi said...

Hope you had a happy Valentines Day Janey. Seeing your Valentine paper doll brought back happy childhood memories for me. As a child I used to have a little red coat and hat. Apparently friends used to nickname me Little Red Riding Hood like the story book character!